The Rainbow Heroes Mural Project

The Rainbow Heroes Project consists of a series of nine interactive, pedestrian-level murals that will be installed throughout the City of Long Beach, CA.

Each mural will portray a prominent figure from LGBTQIA+ history, highlighting their resilience and determination in advocating for rights and recognition.

To make the experience more immersive, visitors will be invited to stand beneath an adjacent rainbow and capture photographs.

By filling a significant gap in the sharing of our nation’s stories, this project will help educate present and future LGBTQIA+ individuals about the struggles endured by local LGBTQIA+ elders in their fight for equality.

Rainbow Heroes Mural Project
Angela Bowen

Our First Mural Subject – Angela Bowen

Our first featured LGBTQIA+ Elder is Angela Bowen, resident of the 1st District. As an activist, dancer, educator, and artist, she made significant strides in advancing social justice and equality.

Angela’s work was particularly focused on advocating for the rights and representation of marginalized communities, including women, people of color, and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Through her activism and artistry, she challenged societal norms, fought against discrimination, and empowered individuals to embrace their true selves.

The mural is set to be installed in Fall 2023.

Call for Nominations

Do know any of the people who are part of LGBTQIA+ history? We are gathering stories, please share your memories with and of them and their impact on you or their impact on Long Beach.

Call for Walls

Do you have an available wall or know someone who does? Long Beach property owners have the opportunity to partner with ArtsLB in bridging generations side-by-side as we uplift LGBTQIA+ history in Long Beach.

Walls must meet some criteria, including:

  • Pedestrian-level
  • 20 feet wide minimum
  • 10 ft tall minimum
  • Free of debris
  • Flat surface (cement or stucco is okay)