Aging carries so many changes.  The body, mind and spirit are just a few arenas of change.  Worst of all is the march to invisibility.  Agism shows up in quiet ways and seldom is noticed by anyone. When identified it is labeled as complaining, as trivial and better left unsaid.  Somehow we have missed that Elders are Living Libraries.  Talk to them, sit with them, hold them dear.  That is at the heart of Elders Rising.  We Rock!


Elders Rising is answering the call to uplift LGBTQ Elders from isolation, loneliness and stop closet re-entry.  We work to transcend age through raising public awareness of ageism and the intersecting oppressions faced by LGBTQ Elders.  In particular, we are focused on educating Greater Long Beach about the unique concerns facing Queer Elders.


Elders Rising’s Vision is to hold a high standard for LGBTQ Elder inclusion and care; from social services, housing to joyful living.  Elders Rising wants Queer Elders validated and all those Rising to Elderhood to embrace them as they would want their own lives embraced at every age.

Elders Rising